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Conference Theme

    A second language (L2), in its broad sense, refers to any language a person uses or studies besides the first language (L1). English is the most important L2 in Taiwan’s formal education, and Mandarin is the dominant L2 for foreign students. Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and German are also common L2s offered in university education, with Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai likewise becoming popular in general. An international conference specifically on L2 research and teaching not only facilitates the constructive interaction among teachers and researchers of various L2s but can also create virtuous synergy for all stakeholders. To enhance the quality and influence of the conferences, the organizers will select papers from the oral presentations after the conference and publish a book after double-blind reviews. The convener and co-convener of the program committee will serve as the editors. The conference will be held every two years, with the publication of the edited book in the year following the conference.

Important Schedule

Seminar Time

Abstract Submission Deadline

Registration Deadline

Notification of Acceptance

2023 / 10 / 21(Sat.)

8:30 ~ 20:00

 Extended to

 2023 / 07 / 15 

From now


2023 / 09 / 30

2023 / 08 / 17(Thu.)

Email Notification

Topics of Interest

Theory of L2 acquisition

L2 teaching methodologies

L2 research methodologies

Bilingual education

Technology and L2 education

L2-related policy issues

L2 proficiency assessment

L2 linguistic research and teaching

L3-related teaching and research

Other L2-related issues

Keynote Speaker

Research, Materials Compilation, and Teaching for Listening Comprehension of Non-standard Speech

Professor​ Cornelius C. Kubler

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